Preparing For An Adventure Race

Joining an adventure race is fun, but it can be very challenging too. There are a lot of things that you need to consider when preparing for an adventure racing activity. You need to select a team, and be able to set goals and priorities for the competition. The most important thing, that should be given much thought and planning, is the training that one needs to undergo.

tire carry in adventure race

Nutrition and Metabolism

When you talk about training for an adventure race, it does not only pertain to physical exercises. It also includes the necessary skills training, as well as preparing for the body’s much needed guidance on nutrition. You should definitely research and utilize one of the smart diets that work¬†as part of your prep. During training, you need to have a good combination of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins and minerals. The usual daily requirement for carbohydrate is 8-12 grams per kilogram of body weight. Intake of carbohydrates, like rice, bread and pasta can greatly contribute to long term energy. Sustained energy is very important in adventure sports. Loading up on protein-rich food is also a necessity, given that these aid in the building and repair of muscles. You need strong muscles to help you get through a tough race. You can have a diet of dairy, meat, nuts, eggs and beans. This is with a required daily requirement of 1 to 1.6 g per kilogram of body weight. You also have have take in a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables everyday for a good source of vitamins and minerals needed for body balance.

One’s nutrition and metabolism are also very significant when training for adventure races. Metabolism is the powerhouse of the body and it is responsible for keeping the body going by providing energy. If you’re struggling to get to a good racing weight, you might want to consider metabolism boosters. Usually the exercise you do to prep for your race will be enough to jump start your metabolism, but you can take in b vitamins and magnesium supplements. You can also get this from green vegetables. Another way to increase metabolism is eating healthy snacks and making sure to eat breakfast each day.

Strength and Flexibility

Besides having a healthy diet, you also need to do the proper exercises needed as training for your adventure race. Besides the basic activities that you’ll be doing during the event- biking, running, swimming, etc– two other popular options are yoga and pilates- both of which will help keep your muscles flexible for handling the rigors of training and racing. The pilates reformer is a good option because it’s adjustable resistance also allows you to strengthen your core while increasing your flexibility. It enables you to do several exercises like long stretches, straight back exercises, and hip rolls. You don’t have to go outdoors for this, so it is convenient to do everyday. There are also other exercises that can help you prepare for the adventure race that you want to join. Very common are multi-sport sessions which combine several activities at once similar to what you’ll experience during the race.

Do not put so much pressure on yourself if this is your first adventure race. You also need to prepare yourself emotionally and psychologically. There are a lot of things that you can still learn if you intend to join adventure races in a regular basis. Consider all the factors that can happen during the race. Preparation is the key in making the race successful. As long you have the right equipment, a good team and a fit body, you should be able to conquer the adventure race.

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